Thursday, Jun. 12th 2014


I just had a remarkable conversation with one of the most stoic dying gentlemen I’ve ever met.  He has been calmly going about making plans for his remaining days both in regards to his physical life and stuff, as well as saying goodbye to the people he loves and preparing spiritually.   He told me a story today about his own father’s funeral.  One of his father’s admirers tapped him on the shoulder as they were leaving the church and slipped a cassette tape of his father’s service in his pocket.   I at first found this to be maudlin, but then thought of my own father’s funeral.  I remembered the beautiful eulogy given by his friend and long time work partner and how moved I was by his words. I’d always wished I’d asked him for his notes.     Most funerals are celebrations of life.   We tape other celebrations, weddings, baptisms, birthdays.  The funeral of a loved one may be difficult to relive for those closest to them but for the next generation it is a wonderful way to share the details of a beloved ancestor.

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