Saturday, Oct. 10th 2020

Mea Culpa, Our web page needs updating

Dr. Vincent Johnson left our practice two years ago yet his picture and profile remain on our webpage. We love Vince and he’s doing well in his practice in New York, but we should have updated. I’ve been slow to manage the site. For now we will enjoy seeing his face and send good wishes his way.
I apologize for those who have come here for information. My bio as well as Jim and Wayne’s remain and the information and numbers for our practice should direct you to one of our four clinics to schedule. Our philosophy to provide comprehensive care hasn’t changed. We continue to focus on chronic pain and palliative care in our office practices.

Web updates are coming and I hope to bring this site up to modern standards to contains important information on our practice and advances and updates on pain management. Thanks for your patience. I hope you will check back again as we move through the final quarter of this year and into 2021.
Rich Morgan MD

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