Pain Management Counseling

Chronic pain is more than physical pain. It is associated with depression, insomnia, anxiety and fatigue. It is clear that mood and energy are influenced by physical pain. In return, physical pain is affected by emotion. This is taken into consideration when helping manage life with chronic pain. It is clear that the key to successful management of chronic pain is directly tied to these emotions. Individuals who manage pain most effectively are optimistic, self directed, self reliant and willing to work hard to improve their condition. Passively approaching pain, expecting to gain control with medications, shots, manipulations, massage, acupuncture and other passive treatments is rarely the complete answer. Taking an active role in treatment includes living a healthy life style by avoiding tobacco, eating well, exercising and engaging in social and spiritual activities. Volunteerism and helping others can also help patients who suffer with pain. Patients who seem to manage pain and their lives most effectively are generally
self-motivated. The nurses and physicians of SJ Pain provide compassionate guidance toward these activities of self reliance. We believe our counseling, and sharing of experiences of the many successful and inspiring patients in our practice is a valuable part of our practice. We also depend on help from clinical psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors. For some patients, involvement in a comprehensive multidisciplinary program that meets daily is of great value.